George Myrants

Qualifications: Professional engineer, Registered Trade Mark Attorney, European Trade Mark Attorney, Commissioner for Oaths.

Memberships: Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys, Rotary International, retired Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Linguistics, ex-member of the Royal Society of Arts

George is an international trade mark attorney, patent practitioner, professional engineer, linguist and the founder and Principal of Trade Mark Consultants Co.

In 1952, following a year of research in aeronautical and civil engineering and lecturing in electrical engineering at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, he entered the patent profession in Australia. After 3 years, George moved to England to practice at a leading patent law firm.

In 1958, George founded Trade Mark Consultants Co. which currently has a client database of over 3,000 worldwide.

He has practiced in trade mark, patent, design and copyright law, and ancillary disciplines. He has been involved in and encountered almost every situation possible when it comes to trade marks.

One of his most memorable cases was winning a legal battle against a global corporation that specialises in the development and manufacture of computer software and hardware. Another memorable achievement was when George pleaded in the highest German Court in a patent matter.

He is the author of “The Protection of Industrial Designs”, published by McGraw-Hill in 1977 and has contributed a chapter in ‘Mainly on Patents’, published by Butterworths in 1973.