Many small to medium sized businesses can be still learning the ropes, so to speak, in comparison to larger companies – and this means that they can lack intricate knowledge of the ins and outs of trademark law, or simply too easily overlook the various merits of a strong trademark. Here are some quick tips that can help SMEs in matters such as filing trade mark applications, enforcing trade mark registrations and more.

Educate yourself on the implications of a registered trademark

A trademark is basically a unique sign or symbol that can be easily associated with your company and its goods and services. Many of us couldn’t be more familiar with the large yellow ‘M’ that represents McDonald’s, or the silhouette of a bitten apple associated with tech giant Apple. These examples also show the kind of cultural power that a strong trademark can have for marketing purposes.

Having a registered trademark also means that you have the sole legal right to use that sign or symbol for promoting whatever goods or services it has been registered to cover. Should anyone use this trademark without your permission, you can take legal action… at least within the UK. This leads us nicely onto…

Cover all of the necessary bases when filing trade mark applications

If you plan to use your trademark for many different products and services, just one registration might not be enough. In fact, it definitely won’t be enough if you intend to use your trademark in other countries, as enforcing trade mark registrations made only in the UK is not possible elsewhere in Europe or in the United States.

Consider the costs of making trademark applications

Before sending any trademark applications to the Intellectual Property Office, consider the financial expenses of doing so. As a relatively small business, you can’t afford to lose track of your outgoings in this area any more than those in another. If your application concerns just one class of goods and services, £170 is what you will have to pay; furthermore, you will need to spend another £50 for each additional class you apply for coverage of.

Should you feel daunted by the costs as you add them up and begin wondering whether all of these applications could genuinely be worthwhile for your business, you can turn to the trademark experts here at Trade Mark Consultants for guidance. We can also help you through applying.